In my artwork 'Mjørki' the fog is my inspiration and my story. It is a gentle cloud that quietly rolls in, closes in around me, isolates me and shows me how small my world really is. It cannot be harnessed and is both gentle and frightening. The artwork is an attempt to encapsulate the fog and make it tangible.



Mjørki, which is the word for fog in Faroe Islands, is my bachelor project from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Bornholm. Here I studied adaption from one media to another, in this case from book to the material glass. Melancholic is the main theme of the book and the fog represents this, the fog is also a very big part of the Faroe Islands, where the book has it's origin, and where I am originally from, and from where I draw my inspiration.

In my work 'Mjørki' I used black sand from Faroe Islands to represent the mountains, which I carefully folded into the glass surface. I then covered the sand in a thick layer of white color, to mimic the fog around the mountain, before finally shaping it into big cylinders. These cylinders representing a lighthouse which will lead you on your way to safety.

As my final piece I had the mountains, the fog and the lighthouse gathered into one piece called 'Mjørki'

Photographer Jonas Noël Niederman and Linda Bibi



Catharsis is about letting go.

It all started with a letter, a letter for me only, where I could write my own thoughts. I afterwards blew a glass bubble to in capsule the words, burn them and let me be free.

Catharsis is the release of emotional tension, this can be done by music or art. In my catharsis it is done by hot glass. Here the person in need of catharsis will write a letter on what hurts them, something they have been holding on to for too long or a letter for someone that will never be read. 

First part was to write the letter only for them. We would then decide on the size of the bubble together according to the content of the letter and what was the fate of the bubble. Should it hang? Would it be hidden away at home? Or simply smashed in order to let go of what was inside? All this we would agree on before I would make the bubble, knock it of and let the person slip the letter into the bubble and watch burst into flames, before I would seal it off and in capsule it in smoke and hot glass. 

In this video you follow a catharsis from a letter to shattered glass.


Photographer Linda Bibi

© 2018 by Linda Bibi

Polla mjørki